La Business Factory : the First Nomad Incubator & Booster in France and Switzerland

08 Sep La Business Factory : the First Nomad Incubator & Booster in France and Switzerland

At first time i received a Linkedin letter from him than i have heard an interview recorded by PodCast . Jacques Bouquard is founder of the first nomad Incuator, which is located in 4 cities (Paris-Annecy – Geneve- Lausanne) in  France and Switzerland .

What is “La Business Factory” as the first “Nomad Incubator” and a Booster for business & entrepreneurs??

Mr Jacques Bouquard said that they act mainly at two stages of the business&entrepreneur’s life:

1/ Nomad Incubator : “On your side from your initial idea to a viable and robust business.”

The startupper  or entrepreneur have an idea, have an expertise, Business Factory will help , through an incubation program, to define, refine and adjust the product/service to make it fit with the customers needs.  As he said: “You know how to do your job, we know how to setup, and run profitable business.”

La Business Factory are specialised in small and medium business and independent professionals. They provide entrepreneurs with the complete services of a business incubator (brainstorming, training, consultancy, networking, coaching, funds raising, support…), in partnership with co-working spaces. They are Nomad, so no matter where the business is,they are close to the startups/entrepreneurs!

2/ Business & Entrepreneurs Booster “One your side to reach the next step!” If need to scale up your business, change your business model or your internal organisation, the Business factory will help you to reach your objectives and adapt your business to its next stage. ”

Through a tailor-made approach, based on their expertise in change management, and with the help of the most appropriate tools and practices for specific needs, La Business Factory allow you and your business to evolve, grow and develop in the best possible way: by helping your team to embrace and support the change!

On both cases, our fees depend directly on your success; the more you succeed, the more we are happy! ”

This is their Mission Statement!

They also offer professional coaching for entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals in transition. They operate in the Greater Geneva area (from Lausanne to Annecy) and in Paris..

Their website:

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As Mr Jacques Bouquard lived several times in Africa, and he going back occasionally to Burkina Faso, Benin and Yvory Coast, he moving fast between Europe and Africa , and he and his team is ready to help for any types of startuppers and entrepreneurs to growth.



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