Europe`s hottest startups 2016: Helsinki and …and..

09 Dec Europe`s hottest startups 2016: Helsinki and …and..

Startups coming and going.. But some of them are booming up. .What about the hottest Europe`s startups in 2016?

The home of Rovio and Supercell is never short of gaming startups. “There are three hot categories in Helsinki right now,” says Karolina Miller, CMO of Espoo-based accelerator Startup Sauna.

Fintech, virtual reality and obviously gaming, since there are so many startups doing that.”

But who are the best in 2016?

An overview by countries and their stories…

Futureplay in its co-founder, Jami Laes (on photo) : “The fastest-growing part of the mobile market is mobile video ads,” Laes says. “We want to do ads right, not as an afterthought and a nuisance for players”..

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